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Delivery & Take Away now available!

Carob Mill Restaurants is pleased to announce that along with the re-opening of our restaurants on Thursday May 21st, we will start TAKE AWAY & DELIVERY service from the following restaurants:

  • Artima Bistro
  • Draught Microbrewery Bar Restaurant
  • Stretto Café

Safety is as important as the quality of our food! Our staff strictly follows all health and safety measures for a safe delivery to you, in full compliance with the instructions for the protection of public health and safety regulations.
To order please call 25 430 820

To see the menus click the following links:
For Artima and Stretto menu, click here
For Draught menu, click here
For SUSHI menu (served in Artima & Stretto) click here
Delivery / Take Away service is from 12:00 pm to 10:30 pm (last order)
Delivery is also available through Foody.com and Bolt Food.
Click the relevant links for your orders:
Draught https://foody.com.cy/en/menu/draught-microbrewery
Artima Bistro & Stretto https://foody.com.cy/en/menu/artima-bistro
BOLT FOOD http://bit.ly/BoltFoodFB